OFA: The Business of Color

Sore, tired feet? Who cares! This year’s OFA Short Course was one for the ages. Retailers, growers and media members swarmed the Columbus Convention Center, all in hot pursuit of the next greatest product.

This year’s show, “The Business of Color,” featured a colorful array of plants, containers, industry products, and services. Nearly 600 companies exhibited at the show, while over 130 educational sessions, workshops, interactive activities, and networking events took place throughout the duration of the show.

One of the highlights of the show was having the opportunity to interact with our client Terra Nova Nurseries and several high-profile editors in the horticulture industry. Editors from GIE Media, Scranton Gillette Communications, Meister Media, and Better Homes & Gardens stopped by the booth to see Terra Nova Nurseries’ brand new plants. Additionally, stemming from a trade show press campaign by our team, well-known publisher GIE Media, produced a video about Terra Nova Nurseries at the show. Sales representative Larry Finley was interviewed on camera by Kelli Rodda, editor of Nursery Management magazine, about the company’s one-of-a-kind trailing Heucherellas as well as other new plant varieties. A big thanks to all our friends in the media for taking the time to schedule booth visits with us and Terra Nova Nurseries!

Another highlight of the show was mixing and mingling with show attendees. It was exciting to see familiar faces and catch up with long time friends in the industry. From the Happy Hour party to the Meister Media Evening of Excellence, where family and friends honored the late Jack Williams, made this year’s show one of the of most memorable experiences. The horticultural industry is truly a close knit community and we’re looking forward to next year’s show!

~ Don and Dominique
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