Architectural Digest Home Design Show “Sneak Peek”: Matsuoka International

Matsuoka International, an affiliate of Matsuoka Kagu Seizo located in Fuchu City, Hiroshima, has been introducing custom designs since 1866. The company makes case goods in Fuchu City, and partners with exceptional craftsmen in the United States for the creation of fine upholstered goods. The company has been renowned as an artificer of custom designs, executed in exotic materials.

Making an appearance at the New York Architectural Digest Home Design Show later this week, Matsuoka International will be showcasing several unique custom designs, including the Martini Cocktail Cabinet. Crafted from Celebes Ebony, one of the world’s rarest and most exclusive cuts of exotic decorative timber, the cabinet is ideal for those who settle for nothing less than luxury.

Celebes Ebony grows in the Sulawesi rain forest, now a UN World Heritage Site. For centuries, it has been the most treasured wood traded on the Oriental Spice route and “Silk Road” which runs between Europe and Asia. Admired for its sharp grains and charcoal black stripes, the chocolate colored wood is deemed extremely desirable.

The interior of the doors are overlaid with silver leafing, featuring a traditional Japanese pattern called “Celebration Cloud”. The apron is designed with a primitive method called Kamakora adazing. Kamakora adazing is a technique applied by the artist involving creating texture in the wood with an adaze, then sanding to a smooth finish followed by lacquering and polishing for the final touch up.

The Martini Cocktail Cabinet is just one of many custom designs from Matsuoka International. To see more of the company’s collection, visit If attending the show this week, be sure to see their exhibit display.

To our media contacts, please feel free to contact us with your questions, comments and editorial needs as this concludes our “Sneak Peek” series. When we return from the show next week, we will begin the process of the post-show “Best of Products” articles, featuring the show’s best of the best for home and commercial space design.

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