National Hardware Show “Sneak Peek” # 12:

We haven’t come across a paint for lawns we like – until now. Easy Green Lawn Paint was designed and developed for a fast and economical way to restore the natural green color to dormant or distressed turf. While for home and commercial lawn use, it is also highly recommended for golf courses, football and soccer fields, and similar sports areas. A big plus – and why we picked it as a “Sneak Peek” – it is environmentally friendly and contains no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, or other inert ingredients harmful to turf.

While we do endorse and promote landscaping to yield green and lush grass, there are troubled areas of turf, sometimes whole lawns, that can benefit from “make-overs” or “make-up” until fresh seed can grow. For some, it is an all-year alternative. Using lawn paint has many advantages. Easy Green Lawn Paint is a means to quickly improve curb appeal. The dye is harmless to the lawn, pets, and people, and it dries in less than an hour. It is safe and lasts up to 3 months (or until mowed of course). Easy Green Lawn Paint will be in booth number 10535 at The National Hardware Show in Las Vegas next week. – Editors working on lawn care and curb appeal articles in 2010, this product and some related how-to-use-it tips from the folks at Easy Care Lawn Paint could serve as an applicable sidebar.

~ Adam

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