National Hardware Show “Sneak Peek” # 10:

Four days and counting until the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. We have been receiving nice feedback about our “Sneak Peek” product reviews from numerous editor and producer contacts of our firm. This is a good sign the show will draw a good deal of media attention. Show planners have executed one of the best showings of tradeshow media relations we have seen in some time. We are excited to be a part of covering select products, brands, manufactures, and exhibitors on our blog and in articles. This “Sneak Peek” stems from a creative company called PF WaterWorks. PF WaterWorks offers innovative, eco-friendly and convenient products to improve self-sufficiency in the residential, commercial, industrial, and hospitality sectors.

PF WaterWorks is a Houston-based product development and manufacturing company targeting “green” drain management. Company leaders are focusing product development upon the fact its customers lead busy lives and work schedules. We were impressed, in that, they are committed to helping improve the environment and save customers time and money.

The company announced recently it will be introducing its new ClogFREE™ magnetic stopper for sink drains, which eliminates the need for standard pop-up stopper connecting rods, at the National Hardware Show, Las Vegas. The product’s design was invented without a typical connecting rod to avoid the obstruction of caught hair and debris. This permits an easy flow of water and reduces the need for maintenance with plumbing snakes, dangerous drain cleaners and messy disassembly. Unlike more common drain apparatus, the ClogFREE™ magnetic stopper addresses health, safety and environmental concerns associated with clogged sinks (pictured left).

In 2008, PF Waterworks successfully introduced the revolutionary PermaFLOW® − No Clog Drain, to replace a conventional P-Trap, a sister product that works seamlessly with the new ClogFREE™ Pop-UP Drain. The ClogFREE™ Pop-Up Drain is universal.

PF Waterworks will also launch the new

HairFREE™ – No-Hair Pop-Up at the show. It utilizes patent-pending HairGuard™ technology to stop drains from trapping hair and alleviate the build-up of clogs. The HairGuard™ isolates the pop-up stopper connecting rod, diverting water, hair and other debris safely down the drain. This addresses accumulation problems and allows for little to no maintenance. The HairFREE™ Pop-Up Drain Stopper is also universal (pictured right).

The PlungeMAX™ – No-mess Plunger™ additionally will be launched at the show. The product is being brought to market to easily unclog toilets without the usual mess and splashing. PF WaterWorks manufactured the new product to help rid of harsh chemical drain cleaners and old-fashioned plungers that host germs and dirt. This sounds good to us! – Retailers and media members alike, if you are attending the show, stop by booth 3317. If you are a member of the media and cannot attend the show this year, let us know any questions at Blog comments (below) are welcome.

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