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Implementing an effective public relations plan can be a comprehensive task. With so many guidelines and procedures, it can be overwhelming. However, those who follow correct protocol will be highly rewarded. Public relations campaigns can yield incredible results and publicity, bringing attention in print, on air, and online to products, manufactures and designers. Take a look at a section of our Web site that briefly explains our public relations services:

Then, take a few minutes to read about public relations from Jen Polanz. She recently wrote an insightful piece regarding public relations, from the editor’s perspective. We agree with her points of interest and wanted to share the information with the readers of our blog. Even if you are not the owner of a garden center, the essential information still applies.

To read Jen’s full article, Effective PR, visit,

From a business standpoint, what type of public relations works best for you? For members of the media, what are your top points of advice to businesses pitching you story ideas, product information, etc.?

– Adam

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