Ovation for Orchids

The American Orchid Society offers a great “Beginners’ FAQ” including common questions and answers regarding orchids and their care. This covers many helpful aspects of orchids and is an easy and quick read. The American Orchid Society (A.O.S.) Botanical Gardens, which were slated to close at the end of June, were given a new lease on life by the A.O.S. Board of Trustees. The board voted on Tuesday, June 2, 2009 to continue to keep the gardens open to members and the public. Congratulations!

And, as always, check out the best of Phalaenopsis orchids from Silver Vase, Inc. Silver Vase, Inc. is an innovative orchid and bromeliad producer that is based in Homestead, Fla. Since 1988, the owners and staff have dedicated themselves to growing and expanding consumer demand for high-quality, exotic plants. In its environmentally controlled greenhouses and through its now 10-year-old Clean & Green Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, the operation guarantees its customers quality, proven varieties of Phalaenopsis orchids and a wide array of bromeliads in a spectrum of color. One of the many things that sets Silver Vase, Inc. apart from other orchid and bromeliad growers / brands is the company’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Silver Vase, Inc. created its IPM program 10 years ago to ensure a clean environment and to deliver a fresh, healthy product line. Today, the company delivers amazing orchids and bromeliads to retailers that end up in homes and businesses in all corners of the country and in parts of Canada. The owners of Silver Vase have an incredible passion for growing, and it shows in every plant they ship.

Silver Vase, Inc. did a beauitful job of displaying orchids, bromeliads and gardens (planted home-ready decorative containers) at the Super Floral Show (S.F.S.) in Atlanta this June. Andrew Bartha, owner / CEO, and sales representatives Christian Maldonado and Carmen Perez were on hand to meet with customers and the media.

At the S.F.S., we talked with the folks from Just Add Ice Orchids. Knowing (and enjoying) orchids as well as we do, and after writing about orchids many times, their brand name made us smile. This is because it does a lot for helping people understand just how easy it is to care for orchids. With so many consumers afraid to use orchids in their homes – due to the fact they think care is time-consuming and difficult – this name says a lot, for sure. They recommend adding just three ice cubes to orchids in containers once a week. No more, no less. The results will be months of longevity. They created a consumer Web site to provide high-level information regarding orchid care and an interactive orchid community. Enjoying orchids is really this easy, and these plants are rewarding in ways other houseplants usually cannot provide.

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Don Eberly

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