Distracted By Shiny Objects

Upon my arrival at this year’s Super Floral Show in my own backyard of Atlanta, GA, I was dumbstruck by all the breath-taking flower displays and irresistible sweet scents engulfing the entire hall. While looking around, wondering which booth to visit first, Don, Jeff and I noticed an eye-catching floral merchandising object … hundreds of square feet away on the OTHER side of the showroom.

We headed in the direction of the mysterious, blinking product, and found ourselves in the Floral-lites booth. It was there we discovered that the objects which caught our attention were the company’s line of fiber optic and LED-lit ornamental products designed to enhance the natural beauty of floral arrangements and bouquets (fresh OR silk).

Kajira Roseby, the CEO of Floral-lites, was kind enough to tour us through her booth and share the Floral-lites vision with us. Floral-lites is a system of interchangeable heads that attach to LED-lit, battery operated stems. The stems are discretely concealed within the arrangement while the heads gently glow or blink with the flick of a switch. From twigs to butterflies, Floral-lites are available in hundreds of shapes, colors and sizes to suit any arrangement. They also have two brand new lines of diverse Party Dots and Stickylites for small, fun ways to spruce up a floral gift.

Floral-lites is the result of 2 years of research, working with select florists around the globe to create a product line that enhances the natural beauty of flowers and adds an entirely new, creative dimension to floral displays. Floral-lites last the life of the arrangement, so florists can be confident about their customer’s satisfaction.

Talk about market potential! It drew us across an entire show hall… what could it do for your retail center to lure customers? To learn more about the Floral-lites system, feel free to visit the Web site at www.floral-lites.com.


Don Eberly

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