It’s Official! Eberly & Collard Public Relations

We are thrilled to announce we have officially started a new era here at Eberly & Collard Public Relations (formerly Eberly Public Relations). We have a new name, new brand, new online presence, and a new outlook on communication to the masses!

First off, let me just say that an overarching component of the new brand is the company’s name. We have added Jeff Collard’s last name as an obvious and necessary change. Even though Don Eberly, president and CEO, founded the firm nearly eight years ago, Jeff Collard, vice president and CFO, joined the firm only six months after its original inception. Jeff’s work background and education in horticulture and design always have been, and continue to be, the perfect match to complement ECPR’s service structure. Combine that with Don’s career history and degree in public relations, journalism and education, and we’ve got a well-suited mix of expertise and readiness to meet the needs of our clients and friends in the media. And, we are proud of the fact we have a staff of writers and marketers that understands the industry…and the many products and services of industry companies.

With the introduction of our new name, we are expanding to include a range of online and Social Media devises to enhance communicative activities for the firm and our clients. Please feel free to friend, follow, reply, tweet, and comment on all our new online aspects via the following channels:

Web site:
Twitter: @eberlycollardpr
Fan Page: Facebook

We’re excited about all the new conversations to come!


Don Eberly

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