Pot Wraps Capitalize on Edibles Trend

Edibles are one of the most discussed topics in the industry these days, and growers and garden center retailers are attempting to determine the best ways to tackle the new trend.

Edibles are also becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. We, at Eberly Public Relations, call it the “Backyard-to-Table” trend. Yet, while consumers are purchasing edibles to grow in their yards and gardens, these products are still somewhat of a mystery to many of them. Without green thumbs, and since many edibles need to be purchased and planted prior to the blooming and fruiting season, many homeowners lack the understanding they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

One quite impressive grower of small fruit plants, Kraemer’s Nursery, Inc., and a well-known horticulture labeling products company, Horticultural Identification Products – HIP, have developed a solution that educates consumers about edibles in a way that entices and informs them. As a result, the grower is seeing a major growth in pre-season orders and sales. And, in these times, “increased sales” is very good and positive news.

HIP exclusively developed and implemented Kraemer’s Nursery, Inc. pot wraps to showcase ripe fruit long before it is evident how the plants will produce, which makes it easy for consumers to know what they are buying.

The pot wraps aim to maximize profitability for retailers by addressing the current and popular “backyard-to-table” and edibles trend.

According to Kraemer’s Nursery, Inc., there has been a 30-percent increase of small fruit plant pre-orders for spring. They directly attribute this to the new edibles craze and to the newly designed pot wraps from HIP. The pot wraps add style and consumer appeal to otherwise ordinary containers and were specifically designed to meet the marketing needs of independent garden centers and mass merchandisers.

If you are a member of the media and have questions about these pot wraps and / or the fruit plants, I’ll be glad to tell you more.

– Doug

Don Eberly

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