Industry Leader Launches Sustainable Plant Program

One of the exciting new plant programs during 2008 came from Overdevest Nurseries, the founder of the Garden Splendor® brand of plants. The new program includes a line of sustainable plant products under the new Footprints™ brand name.

Footprints™ is considered to be among the first product lines in the industry to be fully sustainable. It is a new line of decorative, eco-friendly patio plants. The program is being made available to independent garden centers in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast for spring 2009.

This program is truly sustainable, not just in part, but fully “green.” We give kudos to Ed Overdevest, founder of Footprints™, because the plant varieties are grown using sustainable practices such as compost made from renewable soil ingredients and recycled irrigation water. Best of all, the plants are potted in natural-component containers and labeled with tags that are biodegradable. Bamboo stakes are even used for the tags, rather than plastic. For online information, log onto or contact us here at Eberly Public Relations.

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