Rapid Reel® Garden Hose Reels Return for 2008

I was glad to hear of the return of Rapid Reel®’s line of Garden Hose Reel products for 2008. These durable exterior hose reel products are quite popular among gardening and landscape enthusiasts throughout the world for the exterior living room, yard, farm, barn, garage, or additional usage areas such as professional greenhouses or nurseries, fire protection services, commercial building and property management, equestrian facilities, etc.

  • With their rugged metal construction, created from rustproof, die-cast aluminum with stainless steel hardware and brass fittings, these reels are longer-lasting than other light-duty, weak plastic hose reels.
  • With four model types to choose from, these durable and reliable hose reels are available in portable or wall-mount options.
  • Innovatively designed, the reels blend seamlessly with an array of exterior design components and stand the test of time. Each garden hose reel is backed by a 10-year, No-Leak, No-Break Guarantee.

Unlike a lot of products (especially garden hose reels), everyone who’s tried this hose reel has something positive to say about it:

“Use one in a barn and was so impressed wanted one for the yard. Easy to rewind & take off.” – David S., Rowley, MA

“I’m excited to find such a high quality product. The durable metal construction with corrosion resistance and brass fittings makes this an exceptional product.” – Charles Cyr, C., MA

“I am 84 years of age and I am delighted with ease of usage.” – David L., Montclair, NJ

“Excellent product, worth every penny.” – Mark J., Kingsville, TX

All four products in the line of Rapid Reel® Garden Hose Reels come with a revolutionary new braking system that allows the user to adjust the amount of drag the reel applies as the hose is pulled out. The Garden Hose Reels from Rapid Reel® are completely maintenance free. However, in a winter climate, the reels can be winterized to protect them from freeze damage. With its ultra-easy assembly, it takes just a few minutes, a Philips head screwdriver and an enclosed hex key to assemble the reels and put them to work.

  • 150-foot Parallel Wall Reel: A stationary hose reel product that is innovatively designed to mount easily, blend in seamlessly and stand the test of time. This model pulls the hose out parallel to (along) the wall, making it ideal for sidewall mountings.
  • 150-foot Perpendicular Wall Reel: The 150-foot Perpendicular Wall Reel lasts for years and enhances the accessibility of exterior hose use. This stationary reel pulls the hose out perpendicular to (away from) the wall, an action best suited for front and back wall mountings.
  • 225-foot Four Wheel Wagon Hose Reel: If the domain is expansive enough to require capacity and portability, the Four Wheel Wagon Reel can handle 225 feet of hose, while its rugged tire design enables it to negotiate any terrain.
  • 150-foot Two Wheel Cart Reel: The Two Wheel Cart Reel has the freedom of movement and the muscle to negotiate difficult surfaces. With the durability to last for years and the capacity to spool 150 feet of hose, this reel is reliable as well as portable.

Visit Rapid Reel’s Web site to learn more or order one of these garden hose reels.

Jeff Collard


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