HIP Develops New “Green” Plant Identification Tags

HIP Develops New “Green” Plant Identification Tags

Horticultural Identification Products expands offerings with newly developed, eco-friendly plant tag products.

Nov. 1, 2007 – Thomasville, NC – Horticultural Identification Products (HIP), a customized tag and labeling products company for the horticulture industry, announced today that it has developed two sustainable plant tag products, EcoTag and BioTag.

EcoTag is a degradable alternative to traditional plastic plant tags. Manufactured using wind power as one energy source, EcoTag is environmentally-friendly from beginning to end with added consumer appeal during its functional life. These rigid tags retain their integrity until buried in compost or disposed of in a landfill. The buried tags disintegrate in one to five years.

BioTag is a first-of-its-kind tag made of biodegradable plastic. The BioTag material is produced using a state-of-the-art polymer technology that relies on bio-based products, such as corn and soybeans, rather than fossil fuel-based resins. The end-product has a natural composition that is totally biodegradable. The degradation process takes approximately one year.

HIP is at the forefront of the “green” revolution in the horticulture industry as a marketing innovator. Bob Lovejoy, president / CEO of HIP, has identified a need for environmentally-friendly packaging options and developed alternative materials for custom-designed labels.

“These environmentally-conscious horticultural tags contribute to the brand image of a horticulture company, not only enhancing the look of plant products, but also conveying a corporate commitment to environmental awareness and the conservation of natural resources,” says Lovejoy.

HIP believes its “earth-friendly” products, when combined with the innovative “green” product offerings produced by container manufacturers, provide both growers and retailers with an opportunity to satisfy consumer demands with a profitable, premium product combination.

For more information about sustainable labeling products from HIP please visit www.hiplabels.com.

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