The Future of Gardening – Don Eberly Quoted in Washington Post

As many already know, addressing the future of gardening is a widely discussed industry topic. At Eberly Public Relations, we understand the value of having the latest information on industry trends and changes, and we’re glad to share it with consumers and other industry leaders/ educators.

Today’s Washington Post features garden editor Adrian Higgins’ column entitled, “Dear Adrian, Where Do I Start When I Know Nothing at All?” Don Eberly, president / ceo of Eberly Public Relations, was quoted in the column regarding focus groups conducted by the company which show an increase in the number of younger homeowners who are buying and using plants and other gardening/ home products as part of a lifestyle practice.

In the article, Adrian advises a young WP assistant on the trials of novice landscaping and how to begin her first garden with her husband. Adrian also addresses the changes in today’s trends regarding DIY and DIFM (Do It For Me) gardening by saying, “…younger homeowners have neither the time nor the interest in the types of domestic pursuits enjoyed by earlier generations, gardening among them. It seems that the current mantra is, pay somebody else to do it. But that is expensive, and not nearly as satisfying or enriching. So the conventional wisdom about the demise of gardening may not be so wise.”

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