Hardware & Homeware

Products and supplies that consumers rely on for their homes – known as homeware – are essential elements for cleaning, cooking, organizing, decorating, healthy living, and saving energy.

Used by consumers and trade professionals alike, the term hardware has become synonymous with an eclectic combination of hand tools, power tools, builder instruments, maintenance products, lumber and wood, storage and organization, millwork and mouldings, and many other products from nuts to bolts.

Both the homeware and hardware industries include many interconnected products, services and enterprises- all of which serendipitously function to make up the trade.

Eberly & Collard Public Relations manages integrated marketing programs for homeware and hardware industry clients to guide the process of connecting them with their customers in a range of indispensable sales and marketing sectors.

We do so by creating engaging content marketing campaigns – also known as useful and appealing information about brands and products – that generate interactions between product manufacturers and their business-to-business customers, from home or hardware store owners to mass merchant inventory buyers. Or, for brick-and-mortar store chains and e-commerce sites, our team develops content from a marketing standpoint that seeks to change or influence purchasing decisions on the part of consumers.

Whether for B-to-B or B-to-C purposes, we start by analyzing our clients’ customers’ buying habits and what drives them to make purchases. With this insight in hand, our branding experts produce relevant photos of products being used in applicable settings; well-written product profiles that leave readers with a must-have desire to buy them; helpful videos or informative blogs to sway purchases or buying; web-optimized how-to articles and press releases focusing on product benefits, and many other forms of online, print, published and self-published content that gives them a positive experience with our clients’ brands or products.

Based upon the new era of content marketing, we help our clients move from the old adage of thrusting marketing messages at their customers to creating mutual connectivity with them by disseminating relevant information that grabs and holds their attention.

Industry Sectors:

  • Hardware, Hand Tools & Power Tools
  • Homeware & Accessories
  • Industry Manufactures & Retailers
  • Tabletop, Cookware, Cutlery
  • Home Décor & Kitchen Collections
  • Organizational & Storage Products
  • Cleaning & Bath Products
  • DIY Products
  • Giftware & Seasonal Items
  • Water Filtration & Air Purifiers
  • Lighting & Window Treatments
  • Building / Maintenance Tools & Instruments
  • Ceiling, Wallboard & Plaster Products
  • Gutters, Awnings & Downspouts
  • Roofing & Insulation Products
  • Flooring & Floor Coverings
  • Solar Products, Windows, Doors, & Skylights
  • Licensed & Private Label Products
  • Fireplaces & Fire Pits
  • Nails, Screws, Nuts, & Bolts
  • Hose & Cord Reels / Fasteners
  • Bath, Toilet, Sink, & Shower Accessories
  • Energy-saving & Sustainable Products
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