Integrated Marketing

Eberly & Collard Public Relations believes how you are perceived by your clients, customers, investors, subsidiaries, stakeholders, peers, the media, and other integral groups is what makes them purchase your products or services, offer their partisanship support, and, ultimately, helps fulfill your budget and revenue objectives. This is the premise upon which we enact comprehensive integrated marketing programs for our clients, complete with quick-acting, creative and strategic campaigns to communicate product or service and business stories.  

Our service model begins with a constituency-based approach to all aspects of integrated marketing. This is accomplished by thoroughly examining our clients’ target audiences’ decision-making processes, purchasing behaviors, product / service opinions, and brand awareness levels.

This mode of uncovering and understanding influence factors on the parts of significant market segments, equates to gaining valuable information regarding media and communications needs as well as related gaps and issues affecting brand awareness and sales.

We then kick-off program plans to develop attention-getting content and brands or reinforce those which may already be in place, including the necessary standards by which to manage brand messaging. Web-optimized press releases, bylined articles, blogs, podcasts, trade or consumer publication coverage, social media channels, videos, case-studies, product profiles, published projects, and e-newsletters are the tactile measures to communicate the messages.

These and other forms of branded content marketing invite community (your customers’) participation with your products, services and brand. The outcome promotes sales-and-marketing-oriented engagement between your business and customers or clients, generating qualified leads and sales. 

Services include:

  • Fully Assimilated Marketing Programs
  • Converged Media & PR 2.0 Programs
  • Campaign Development & Implementation
  • Brand Research, Creation & Execution
  • Brand Standards Development & Sales Training 
  • Media & Marketing Schedules Spanning Products & Brands
  • Combined Online & Offline Marketing Initiatives
  • Product / Collection Introductions & Launches
  • Consortium / Acquisition Marketing Plans
  • Cohesive / Interconnected Account Management
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