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The sales and marketing of consumer products and professional services require humanizing brands in an engaging way that allows consumers to gain emotional connections with, and trust for, the companies behind the brands. In our current era of top-page Google searches and one-click purchases, the window of opportunity to connect and interface with consumers is tightening.

Manufacturers and retailers of consumer goods as well as providers of consumer services are challenged with today’s need to remain always-relevant in the minds and hearts of consumers. This takes an expansive measure of “participatory branding.”

The process starts with systematic market and demographic research about the needs and wants of consumers. The resulting knowledge is then translated into consumer marketing campaigns that build authentic connections with consumer segments and evoke a clear share of voice for brands to participate in lifestyle decisions consumers make.

ECPR creates trust factor for consumer products and professional services through engaging multichannel messaging:

Product Marketing
Customer Journey

Conducting Market Research:

Following an assessment of our clients’ product or service offers, our market researchers conduct situation analysis to glean new knowledge about specific target demographics. This unearths not only unknowns in terms of consumer data, income levels, regionality, age, and gender; our research studies also reveal lifestyle information about consumers, including their decision-making motivators and purchasing preferences and habits.

Gaining Engagement Among Consumers & Professionals:

We conceptualize creative means for our clients to make long-lasting positive impressions upon consumer & professional groups, while connecting with them based upon the lifestyle aspirations, goals, pursuits, and pastimes. Messaging points and sound bites of key information are also carefully crafted to communicate a brand’s genuine desire to connect with its audiences.

Connecting with Consumers through Culture:

Our team works to devise actions and activities developed to carry the new messages to consumers in real-life, real-time situations where people seek information regarding available services and products. Execution comes in the form of our consumer marketing campaigns that shape methods for reaching consumers through cultural factors, stemming from how they live, work and play.

Trust-building via Multichannel Marketing:

Concentrating upon both traditional and digital methodologies for marketing communications, we leverage all viable forms of trust-building with consumers. Implementation includes advertising campaigns, public relations events, media relations and press releases, newsletters, e-blasts, innovative websites, mobile device apps, social media, social responsibility programs, product promotions, influencer marketing, celebrity appearances, and numerous other strategies that impassion consumers to click, call or contact our clients.


  • Consumer Products
  • Shopping Products
  • Specialty Products
  • Beauty, Health & Wellness Products
  • Food & Beverage Products
  • Technology & Electronic Products
  • Home Improvement Products
  • Interior Design Products
  • Home & Garden / Landscape Products
  • Professional Service Companies
  • Consulting Service Providers
  • Legal Counsel Services
  • Financial & Investment Services
  • Architecture & Design Services
  • Construction & Engineering Services
  • Real Estate and Real Estate Development Services
  • Internet & Home Automation Services
  • Insurance Providers

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Managing consumer products and services marketing campaigns to boost brand interest, media coverage and event attendance from all corners of the world