Yippee! Everyone's a blogger now.

You're welcome, Jeff! How exciting!

Alright! I am officially a blogger! Thanks Sally.... 🙂

Check Out Our Other Blog: Mulch Ado About Nothing!

Hey Everyone,When you get the chance, check out our other blog - Mulch Ado About Nothing - at http://mulchadoaboutnothing.blogspot.com/. It's a blog for those interested...

Everyone's Talking Xeriscaping… among other conservation topics.

Time to face the music... there's a drought people. We need rain, and we need it pretty badly. (Although, not today. It's raining cats in...

Eberly PR Blog, The Beginnings

Wow, we're new at this Blogging thing, but we like it a lot... more to come.

Mulch Can Be Confusing

I don't really know much about MULCH, but it has me confused... I never know what it has in it and when I should apply...