Architecture & Construction Strengthen Symbiotic Relationship with the Environment Through Sustainability

Construction / contracting companies and architecture firms were buoyant about the trends predicted to occur within the industry this year. Many cities throughout the United States are growing faster than ever, and with urban growth comes the new opportunities to re-construct parts of the cities that had been long forgotten. According to Dodge Data & Analytics’ 2016 Construction Outlook report, there is a predicted 6% growth, with the value of construction starting to reach an estimated $712 billion. The opportunities to build innovative sustainable structures have surfaced as the demand in sustainability and walkable communities has increased. According to the American Institute of Architects third-quarter Home Design Trends Survey, “design elements such as access to public transportation, multi-generational housing, walkable neighborhoods and mixed-use facilities dominate homeowner preferences.” As the 2016 foreseen trends continue to take place, companies are adapting to the changes and progressively making improvements in sustainable approaches across several of the industries in which we specialize.

 Changes in the industry stimulate the need for innovative approaches to old tasks. Eberly & Collard Public Relations’ experience developing relationships with the media in the building, construction, and architecture industries are highly valuable. We have worked with construction companies who implement a variety of building techniques across the realm. We also manage to keep up with the latest trends in our industries and are delighted to see the revolutionary advancements companies are developing towards sustainability.


Credit: Lando and Associates, Landscape Architecture

Our firm’s successful execution of media relations management and integrated marketing approach often results in the feature of client projects in trade publications and across several media channels within their industry. Our services create trade and consumer zeal for our clients’ businesses. The ECPR team invites you to read and view our current online case-studies content. 

Along with the sustainability trend surging everywhere, the architecture, construction and commercial building industries represent a pristine area to apply the concept. “Green building currently accounts for 26-33% of the total residential market and has helped contribute to the industry’s recovery after the recession, according to Dodge Data & Analytics.” But what exactly separates the industries from becoming more “green” and moving towards sustainability instead? Sustainability goes beyond being “green.” It prioritizes the symbiotic relationship between our species and the environment; it focuses on responsibly utilizing resources and re-thinking designs that do not have a detrimental impact. For instance, designing structures that maximize the use of natural daylight, use sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, promote cycling culture in various ways, and integrate geothermal heating and cooling systems.
Credit: Asia Green Buildings
Publicizing that your business utilizes sustainable building practices and that it is reshaping construction or architectural designs to preserve our ecosystem can be significantly beneficial. Our mission is to promote your business in your marketplace and leverage publicity into results and revenue.
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