Five Must-haves for Landscapes this Summer

The season to celebrate the great outdoors is upon us and moving quickly. We know as landscapers and outdoor room designers, you want to find the best tools and products that will get the job done quickly, and help your clients enjoy their outdoor living spaces to the max.

From saying goodbye to slithering things to paving the way to a more usable patio, we have highlighted five must-have products that will make the most out of the 2014 summer season.

Deer, Wildlife & Insect control:

Keep your clients’ homes and gardens free from unwanted snakes with Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way®. This fast-acting repellent starts working immediately after application. It temporarily disrupts the snake’s sensory receptors, called Jacobson’s Organ, which causes the snake to slither away disoriented and unharmed in search of fresh air. Snake-A-Way comes in granular form, making it easy to apply only to certain areas, and with its time release formula, it gives long-lasting protection.

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Patio / Deck Furniture:

Summer is the perfect time to relax outdoors. With an outdoor bed designed by Floating Bed, create an outdoor living space that may just become your clients’ favorite place for down time. The versatility of the Floating Bed gives room to hang it anywhere in a backyard. It comes in a variety of colors and styles that will fit any family’s needs. The Floating Bed even comes with a canopy option that will protect homeowners from the elements, making it available to use nearly every season.

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With pavers from Nantucket Pavers, creating a unique walkway, patio, pool area, or backyard retreat has never been easier. Hardscapes are becoming more popular because of their low upkeep and easy maintenance. Nantucket Pavers carry a variety of sizes and colors of its blocks and stones to accent the whole garden design. They can be used to build a free-standing wall, a decorative wall around a fire pit or Jacuzzi tub as well as a uniquely designed patio.

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Shade Systems:

Bring family and friends together with the Sonoma 12 Douglas Fir shade system. With expert design, the pergola is precision-cut and requires moderate assembly upon delivery. The optional lattice roof and wall kit can provide privacy as well as protection from the elements. The 12 feet x 12 feet size can accommodate large parties. The Sonoma 12 Pergola offers outdoor living spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

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Landscaping Tools:

Black & Decker’s 22-inch cordless hedge trimmers keep lawns and gardens looking clean and polished. The long blade makes cutting in hard to reach places quicker and easier. The hardened, machined-steel blade stays sharp and provides the durability to maintain a perfectly manicured yard year after year. The powerful rechargeable 18V battery provides landscapers with the long runtime needed to go anywhere without being limited to the length of a cord.

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What’s “Hot” this Summer? Landscapers, tell us about your top tool and outdoor space products and why you like them. Also, Retailers, chime in with your best-selling landscape / exterior product options that you see as hot-selling trend-setters this summer. 

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