It’s That Time of Year Again…

As we steam roll into 2013, many of us map out personal New Year’s resolutions to improve quality of life and happiness. Whether your goal is to travel to a worldly destination or learn a new craft, New Year’s resolutions are made to be accomplished. The same can be true for businesses that set realistic resolutions to achieve during the fiscal year.

At ECPR, we too have strategically brainstormed company goals and objectives for 2013. One of which is to establish and enhance relationships with our traditional advertising, marketing, public relations, and branding counterparts. During 2013, we also plan to connect with and learn more about various trade and consumer publications and editors on deeper levels, in addition to staying abreast of the latest online media resources.

If you are in the process of conceptualizing New Year’s resolutions for your business, our team has come up with a few ideas to help rejuvenate your company’s marketing plan for 2013.

  • Allocate ample time and funds to your company’s social media channels. Interacting with your customers through Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and Pinterest is a great way to establish customer loyalty and relationships, which in turn can result in increased product or service sales. Be sure to post meaningful and relative content on a consistent basis that will keep your fans (and customers / clients) eager for more interaction with you. – Isn’t that really what we all seek in business? 
  • Aim to connect with editors of trade and consumer publications by submitting new product launches, company press releases, case-studies, etc. This New Year’s resolution will help your company stay in the limelight and create more brand awareness among your consumer-based customers as well as retailers, dealers and fellow trade professionals. To do this, we suggest employing a staff member to take initiative and be responsible for generating company buzz. Or, consider hiring an outside firm that specializes in publicity and marketing in your industry – Um, that would be us. As the song of the year says, “Call Me Maybe.” 
  • Make plans for your company’s sales and marketing teams to strategically and regularly collaborate on building brand awareness. Often times, marketing and sales department staffers are consumed with their own goals and tasks, and can struggle to have time to work side by side. This can result in non-effective marketing and decreased sales productivity. But, by working together, this resolution will ensure your company’s new products and services are being released to the media and targeted customers in a timely and unified manner. – Ah, synergy! Gotta love it. 

These New Year’s resolutions are just three among many. Our goal at ECPR is to help clients create new forms of strategic, integrated marketing in 2013 and beyond by using effective marketing tools and creative inspiration. If you are interested in learning more about Eberly & Collard Public Relations, please visit our website at – From our team to yours, we wish all of you a prosperous and happy New Year!

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