Still Wondering if Social Media Is Worth the Effort and Cost?

Are you a business owner or marketing manager who is still dabbling with the idea of using social media to promote your brand, product or service? If you are, you might find an article our team here at Eberly & Collard Public Relations wrote is of interest in your pursuit of all things social networking.

Several of our social media gurus recently teamed up to share tips and ideas for one of our editor contacts on how Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest can be maximized for branding and relationship-building purposes. 
As some of you may remember from several weeks ago, we shared our Twitter byline article from Greenhouse Grower magazine. Now our second part in this social media series has published on Greenhouse Grower’s website, and it includes tips on ways for businesses to improve Facebook return-on-investment (ROI). 
The tips in the article apply to all businesses and trades– whether in the Horticulture, Interior Design, Architecture, Building / Construction, Furniture, or other Industries. We work in all of these fields and their sectors, and we can tell you the lessons learned in this article are relevant no matter which industry category applies to you and your work. 
And, because it is the social media question everyone asks us the most, we’d like to share upfront we believe that social media ROI is not necessarily based on direct financial gain. Yes, that’s right. Having a Facebook page won’t immediately glean sales for you. Rather, the idea is built around establishing online relationships with customers. It can take some time, but by creating meaningful interactions with fans on Facebook, the result can include customer loyalty, which in turn, can equate to increased sales. It’s surely worth the effort to have the privilege of ongoing online dialog with clients, customers and those we hope will become purchasers of our products or services. 
To read our full article about Facebook, click here. Also, stay tuned for our next installment in the social media series, which will focus on Pinterest.

Our Client, Terra Nova Nurseries’ Facebook shows
 the importance of posting content to make an impression
 on target audiences and encourage interaction.
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