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As many of you know, we have recently created a new Pinterest account, featuring boards in a variety of different categories in the home, garden and design industries. These include: agribusiness; architects & builders; art & antiques; books & authors; building & construction; casual furniture & accessories; decking & flooring; home & garden radio / T.V. personalities; homewares & hardware; horticultural products; interior designers; interior furniture products; kitchen products / cabinetry & design; landscape architects & designers; lawn & garden products; lighting; outdoor living; plants, seeds, blubs, & edible veggies; and windows & doors.

In addition to our industry-related categories, the ECPR team has now formed a new board entitled “Things We Enjoy Outside the Office.” This board features a selection of our interests, ranging from books and television shows to favorite foods and places we enjoy visiting.

Some of you may be wondering why we created such a board. The answer is simple. Many marketers believe that humanizing your company and brand, gives you an edge over your competitors. Why? Because whether it’s a consumer or potential client researching your company, most are likely to be attracted to the driving force behind companies. We don’t necessarily mean professional goals and mission statements, while those are important too. We are referring to getting an inside look at a team, which includes our interests and hobbies.

By sharing this information, we have the ability to relate to prospective clients on a deeper and more personal level. Thus, we are not only establishing credibility, but also client loyalty. In addition, our “Things We Enjoy Outside the Office” Pinterest board helps us encourage more interaction among our friends and fans, which in turn allows us to create a dialogue that can lead into discussions about our company and services. And, as a result, by humanizing our company, we are increasing the ability to generate relationships essential to our work, campaigns, clients, and business.

No matter if you are B2B or B2C, we encourage you to invest in this type of marketing, because it can not only help promote brand awareness, but can also establish a positive reputation. Need we say more? Start your own “Things We Enjoy Outside the Office” Pinterest board today, or contact us for a quote to manage your business’ public / media relations and social media.

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