How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Social Media Channels

It seems like Pinterest has gained popularity overnight, but despite it being easy and fun to explore, Pinterest is also a wonderful tool to help promote existing social media channels such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter. In a recent article published by social media expert, Brian Solis, he referred to a recent study that shows Pinterest has the ability to increase SEO traffic to websites and various social media channels. “According to a new report published by Shareaholic, Pinterest drove greater traffic (to websites and social media channels) than LinkedIn, Google Plus, Reddit, and Youtube…combined,” says Solis.

The key is to know how to use Pinterest correctly to drive traffic to your company’s website and other social media channels. In combination with research efforts and our own expertise, the ECPR team has come up with three helpful tips on how to promote URLs, Facebook Timelines, Twitter pages, and blogs with Pinterest.

  1. “Pinning” photos from existing social media channels, such as recent blog posts, Facebook albums or TwitPics, automatically creates a backlink to the originating channels. Thus, the more people who select the link to the photo source as well as “repin” the photo, higher traffic to those websites will be created. Remember, a picture paints a thousand words- “Wow” images are likely to be “repined,” helping you gain traffic and backlinking. 
  2. Using specific keywords in the photo captions also helps vamp up SEO for social media channels. Adding keywords to your boards increases the odds of them appearing in a search. SEO keywords should be a single word or a phrase that consists of two to three words that directly correlate to the content of your website or social media channel. For example, if your company specializes in designing light fixtures, one good keyword would be “lighting designs.” 
  3. Like Twitter, Pinterest enables users to create “hashtags.” In Pinterest, the “hashtag” symbol can be used in photo captions, which functions as a link. This allows people to instantly explore Pinterest to find all pins with the specified search term. So how does this help your SEO? If consumers seek out popular “hashtags,” such as #gardening, the more likely your “pin” will show up in searches, which helps drive traffic to your other social media channels. 

Friends and fans, are you using Pinterest to help promote your company’s Facebook Timeline, blog and Twitter page? If so, what methods are you using to do so? Please feel free to share any additional tips, ideas and questions on how to increase SEO traffic to your social media channels.

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