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Our client, Historical Concepts, recently published a book entitled Coming Home: The Southern Vernacular House. The book features a selection of homes the firm’s partners designed throughout the years. Each home included in the gorgeous book has a background story, allowing those who read the book to become fully engrossed in the project and to imagine what it would be like to walk through the front door with a feeling of warmth.

Historical Concepts’ knowledgeable experience in designing Southern vernacular homes comes with great enthusiasm and passion for architecture. A prime example of this is Among the Oaks, located in Spring Island, South Carolina. This spectacular home is nestled among four large oak trees, which Historical Concepts used as inspiration. Making this home’s architecture even more interesting, Among the Oaks combines Southern vernacular style with Caribbean flair.

The client envisioned a relaxed, informal house with a wide open floor plan. In the great room, a West Indian-inspired ceiling of exposed beams and purlins married with columns, pilasters, and a tall entablature gives the room a tropical feel. The understated elegance of the room complements the room’s natural wood and brick floors. In addition, the interior design, by Miriam Jordan Interiors, features furniture and accessories which enhance the overall warmth of the home. One notable feature is the gorgeous French doors which open up to an outdoor living space, creating an open-air extension of the great room. Also, the beautifully designed kitchen resembles that of a traditional Southern-style home. With simple, classic light fixtures and white on white cabinets and counter-tops, the functional space is ideal for entertaining guests. As an added bonus, a cozy Carolina room extends from the kitchen.

The combination of Southern vernacular and Caribbean architecture makes Among the Oaks a dream home. Historical Concepts’ vision of designing a home that resembles something that an eighteenth-century British planter might have built after settling in South Carolina following a sojourn in the West Indies is ingenious. To view more design projects by Historical Concepts, visit the company’s website at www.historicalconcepts.com to order your copy of Coming Home: The Southern Vernacular House.

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