Big River Industries Launches New Brand

Jeff Speck
Riverlite – Expanded Clay
Lightweight Aggregate

Our client, Big River Industries, has recently launched a new brand name called Riverlite, which is being implemented to consolidate three previous brands, Gravelite, Livlite, and Arkalite. Having worked with the great personnel at Big River Industries for several years, our team at ECPR is publicizing the new brand in a series of online and print articles.

Big River Industries’ new branding initiative is designed to showcase the company’s expanded clay lightweight aggregate spanning six applications, including Masonry, Concrete, Geotechnical, Asphalt, Horticulture, and Storm Water Management.

A marketing campaign is being executed to communicate information about the new brand and the products that come under its auspices. The promotion is intended to make the information easy to access for engineers, architects, contractors, landscapers, urban planners, and storm water management professionals. Elements of the campaign will include a new logo, advertisements, tradeshow signage, website enhancements, and a press campaign.

To learn more about Big River Industries’ new Riverlite brand, click here to read the full article on Citybiz Atlanta’s news website. Our thanks to the editors at Citybiz Atlanta for utilizing our press content.

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