National Hardware Show “Sneak Peek”: Bagrite

Bagrite is debuting at the National Hardware Show with the company’s revolutionary and innovative product. The Bagrite product holds open most 33 to 60 gallon trash bags, allowing for easy and efficient clean up. The Bagrite is lightweight, ergonomic and durable, making the product a desirable asset to homeowners. The patented design of Bagrite simultaneously enables the bag holder to keep the trash bag open while filling it with debris, without the hassle of wind or other elements blowing the bag closed. The frame is designed with taper teeth to secure the trash bag as well as an elongated edge on one side, which the operator can use as a dust pan. Currently, Bagrite is being used by several City Public Works Departments and commercial landscape companies to save time and money to clean up road debris, public parks and recreation areas. For information on Bagrite, visit

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Don Eberly

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