Architectural Digest Home Design Show “Sneak Peek”: Donovan Design

Art Donovan, born and raised in New York City has embraced a style of design called “Steampunk”. While this genre surfaced on the internet several years ago, the actual label “Steampunk” originated in the 1980s as a twist on the term “cyberpunk”. It describes a design movement encompassing repossessed objects from the Steam Age to create art. Most “Steampunk” artists focus on the Victorian and Edwardian Era of technology. Influenced by scientists and inventors such as Madam Curie, H.G. Wells and Benjamin Franklin, this movement personifies the art of fantasy.

Art Donovan’s new collection aims to provoke dramatic emotion and innovation. His “Steampunk” lighting designs will be on display at the Architectural Digest Home Design show. To see more pieces from Donovan Designs, visit the company website at

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  1. K.R. Cheron says

    Creative work. Can't go to NYC this time but will check out more about these products and the designers online. Looking forward to the Best Products info. from you guys. – K.R.

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