Architectural Digest Home Design Show “Sneak Peek”: Guarino Furniture Designs, LLC

Artist Glen G. Guarino is set to premiere one-of-a-kind table and mirror designs at the 2011 New York Architectural Digest Home Design show in March. While his work has been seen in numerous art galleries, museums and private art collections, this will be his first appearance at the show. He was recently honored as a “Signature Artist” at the Noyes Museum of Art in New Jersey as a member of the highest caliber of artistic standards.

His designs are constructed from age-old woodworking techniques such as using fine and antique hand tools rather than high-tech machinery, allowing him to express the grace, strength and beauty of local and exotic woods. Guarino’s free-flowing designs can also be custom made for corporate and residential clients who enjoy the art of woodworking.

The piece featured in this blog post is the sculptural “Storm” table. Made from an Ash tree he found in New Jersey, the table takes shape of the natural elegance of tree branches swaying in the wind. The base is topped with a piece from a rescued Northern Catalpa tree. The table is varnished with a clear hand-rubbed finish to bring out the organic beauty of the wood. The “Storm” table is 28’’ tall and 37 ½’’ wide.

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  1. Glen Guarino says

    The tree had fallen down in a storm. I had to wait to years for the wood to properly dry. I was then able to use the wavy grain pattern in the wood to enhance the design. The table was completed in 6 weeks.

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