Architectural Digest Home Design Show “Sneak Peek”: TON Art, LLC

Speakers or art, the difference is almost invisible. TON Art, LLC has created an intriguing line of audio speakers disguised as beautiful sculptures. Collaborated by artists, designers and craftspeople, each sculpture is made from marble and fiberglass, epoxy and fabric, metal, wood and gold.

President and founder of TON Art, LLC, Frank Burgel, came up with the idea of “Art Speakers” while installing generic loudspeakers in his home filled with contemporary, modern art. The collection is designed to complement room themes rather than stand out like a white elephant! These speaker sculptures may very well be the embodiment of perfectly combined form and function for home and commercial space design.

As if being an artful creation that offers full functionality is not enough, each sculpture has advanced speaker technology to radiate harmonious sounds from most any sound system. For more information on TON Art, LLC, visit the company’s website at or call 877-822-2040.

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