Architectural Digest Home Design Show “Sneak Peek”: Scott Daniel Design

Scott Daniel Design, located in Brooklyn, NY, is the sole creator of Cmesh. Cmesh is defined as a ceramic medium with a metal skeleton structure. It was developed through an experimental process by fusing materials such as clay and metal. What makes Cmesh unique is through extensive research and testing to “mesh” the materials Scott Daniel created a whole new way to light up rooms.

The process begins with bending and manipulating metal wire into a distinct shape, which is then repeatedly immersed into liquid clay. The drying method is what gives the fixture its finished look. Various factors such as room temperature, humidity and consistency of the clay influence how the piece’s surface will turn out.

Once the piece is dry, it’s then placed in a kiln to finalize process. From start to finish, each fixture takes about 2-3 weeks to complete. The lengthy procedure of making the light fixture is what makes Cmesh lights so irresistible! Visit for more extraordinary designs.

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