Architectural Digest Home Design Show “Sneak Peek”: Haddonstone

Haddonstone, considered the U.S.’s and U.K.’s leading manufacturer of fine cast stone landscape features, is preparing to launch a new collection of busts and statues at the 2011 New York Architectural Digest Home Design Show this coming spring. Many of the company’s pieces are re-creations of famous collections throughout Europe. For example, the marble statue featured on our blog, Apollo Belvedere. This stunning statue is modeled after Leochares’ original, located at the Vatican Museum in Italy. The Apollo statue embodies masculinity and beauty, a perfect combination to feature as an indoor focal point or in a European garden setting.

Additionally, Haddonstone has once again partnered up with Robert A.M. Stern Designs to launch two new series of pedestals, the Olympian and Athenian, which will also be featured at ADHDS. The Olympian Planter Collection includes two graceful bowls, two elegant urns and a tall, slim amphora. Each piece in the collection is designed to interpret the unadulterated shapes of ancient vessels from the Neoclassic era from a more clean and contemporary perspective. The three designs from the Olympian Pedestal Collection have been molded to represent the Ionic column designs from ancient Greece.

The Athenian Planter Collection includes numerous urns in two designs, stimulated by the pure forms of Art Deco and Art Moderne ornaments from the early twentieth century. The Athenian Pedestal Collection is comprised of three elegant, tall plinths. When paired together, the Planter and Pedestal Collections can complete a unique theme for any indoor or outdoor design.

Both collections by Haddonstone and Robert A.M. Stern Designs are suitable for formal and romantic gardens as well in modern landscape designs. Furthermore, the Olympian and Athenian Collections can be showcased in not only residential areas but can also be used for commercial and indoor design.

The extensive collection from Haddonstone is available online or by catalog. For more information visit the company’s website at

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  1. Erin Berkshire says

    This collection looks amazing. Three of us will attend the AD Show in NY and will look for Haddonstone there. Thanks for the info!

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