Winter Interest Plants

Important to consider when planning the design of a garden or landscape is the interest the space will yield not only during spring and summer but also all year round. It might be easier to choose some plants during their blooming or primary growth seasons to see their fine form and foliage and a bit tougher to choose the right plant combinations based on their dormant characteristics. Still, many plants show their best characteristics during colder seasons and winter. It’s what people in the green industry call choosing plants with winter interest. Sometimes it is plants which transition to a new leaf color or triumphantly flower through the snow and ice. Other winter interest plants can be those that simply look radiant among winter elements- the green leaves and red berries of holly bushes against white snow or fountain grasses icy with winter frost. There are several of these kinds of plants available through Terra Nova Nurseries; pictured below are a few examples including a Bergenia, Helleborus and Heuchera. If anyone would like additional high-res. photos of these plants or others, please feel free to contact us.

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