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As many of our blog followers know, the High Point Market Authority is hosting the popular fall 2010 furniture market this week. With 188 buildings and 12 million Square Feet of exhibit and showroom space, the 85,000 attendees are certainly feasting their eyes on the top furniture introductions and emerging trends for 2011. Based upon the helpful resources provided by the Authority and with some of our own clients’ input in mind, we wanted to point out a few ways for designers and retail buyers to create successful market experiences for their companies.

If you haven’t yet studied the Fall 2010 Planning Guide, it offers information about the local High Point area. The market’s website points out information to find thousands of new introduction pieces at market during the week; calendar insights regarding planned expert seminars; listings of some of the must-attend social gatherings / networking; and comprehensive information about making your way to as many inspiring showrooms and exhibits as possible.

Also, tap into the Authority’s Exhibitor Media Kit, which is a great way to synchronize your marketing efforts with theirs; engage your sales force about some of the changes at the market; connect with media members; develop relationships with buyers, drive traffic, and more. Then, too, take time to read the 2010 High Point Market Authority’s Business Outlook. Valuable interviews and research were conducted to uncover data surrounding personal consumption expenditures, furniture retail sales, employment rates, and consumer expectations indexing.

All in all, we agree with the findings, in that, economic growth of the months ahead is still somewhat uncertain; however, the tides are turning with the last several months showcasing slow but steady recovery. With that said, we believe 2011 business success for many of us in the industry may very well mean changing the ways in which we think about business and marketing. By evolving with today’s more modern marketing communications and social media strategies, we stand the chance to yield new growth. As tough as it may seem at times, change is a good thing. We encourage our readers to embrace innovative approaches to business management and brand marketing as we enter a positive new selling season. Keep tuning in to our blog and Facebook Fanpage for upcoming articles and posts about executing new marketing for a new era as well as case-studies regarding how some industry companies are doing just that.

For our media contacts, email or call us with your needs for furniture product photos and trends information as you plan your post-market coverage.

~ Don

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  1. Addy Hershel says

    HP was a good inspiration this time around. The other designers I work with also sensed a positive attitude. The new innovative pieces this year were worth the trip. We have 3 new installs to do as a result.

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