IGC Show 2010 “Best of Products”: Jolly Gardener Premium Soils

To continue our “Best of Products” from the IGC Show, we are not straying far from the topic of our last post. It was evident at the show that marketing and packaging are taking more of a front seat for garden retailers; therefore, it has become a high priority for manufacturers to re-think many options about a product’s look, container and package description. Jolly Gardener, a division of Oldcastle Lawn & Garden, has met this challenge head-on. For 2010, the company introduced the line of premium soils that would not only visually draw customers to the products, but also help them clearly understand the solutions the products provide.

According to Kevin McDonald, vice president of sales and marketing, the company conducted consumer focus groups and found that consumers are still confused when shopping the potting soil category. With this in mind, they designed the new packaging to be easy-to-understand and with high-level shelf appeal. These products all ranked high marks in our “Best of Products” series, and here’s why…

Jolly Gardener Premium Potting Mix is regionally-formulated with high quality ingredients to be the ideal base mix for indoor and outdoor containers, window boxes, and planters. The mix includes a controlled-release fertilizer that feeds plants up to four months, encouraging plant growth and continuous, beautiful flowers all season long.

Jolly Gardener Premium Moisture Mate Potting Mix contains the same quality elements as the Premium Potting Mix. It also boasts polymer crystals to help prevent over- and under-watering of plants, which is one of the biggest concerns among consumers. In addition, the mix includes plant food that feeds plants up to four months.

Jolly Gardener Premium Garden Soil is specially blended to promote strong root growth for robust fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. This mix includes plant food that feeds up to four months, encouraging growth of nutritious, edible plants and healthy, plentiful flowers.

These three mixes are but a taste of Jolly Gardener’s amazing products. We’ll keep this post live for some time, so it will be available for when “packaging” starts to show up on 2011 EdCals.

~ Sarah Kate

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