New Product Offerings from Novelty

At the IGC show this year, Novelty Manufacturing displayed a mix of gorgeous, affordable new products for 2010. Checking the Web site is a good and easy way to become familiar with the company, its best practices (which are pretty impressive), and the latest products and lines.

The new Ella planters, with their square contour, stand out to us as having some incredible wide appeal. These chic containers bring a modish new twist to the ArtStone Line. They are trendy in color and durable in strength. Tall Ella containers can bring endless beauty to doorways and patios with their striking form. The Ella rectangle containers are the perfect choice for adorning a table top or accessorizing a windowsill.

Here’s the best part… Novelty believes in sustaining the environment. Most of the company’s products are made of recyclable polymers and alloys. They use pre- and post-consumer recycled materials in some of their best-selling items. This unique selling proposition can then be passed along to retailers, which we all know, is important to end-consumers.

To learn more about Ella planters or other product offerings from Novelty, visit, – Also, post your comments / questions about these and other trend containers.

~ Adam

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