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Moss Acres, a leading supplier of live moss since 2001, released news at this year’s IGC and ASLA shows about a new product for shady garden areas – the Moss Milkshake. This dry mix is a unique blend of fragmented moss plants, powdered buttermilk, acidifying agents, and a special water retention gel powder. By simply adding water to the mixture, gardeners, landscapers, and moss enthusiasts can create a gel-like “slurry” that is ideal for spreading over most any firm, bare surface. A lot of folks with whom we talked at both of these shows said they thought the product name and milk carton-shaped (for consumer / retail sales) packaging were ingenious. We agree.

Mosses thrive in shady landscapes. Most any shaded or partially shaded area can be ideal for utilizing the Moss Milkshake technique. For shaded lawns where grass is limited, moss is an ideal alternative. Instead of fighting nature by attempting to grow grass in shade, many homeowners and professional landscapers are turning to moss.

Once established, moss is low maintenance. After installation and cell nodes have a chance to activate, moss plants do not require frequent watering to survive. However, watering does help maintain lush and green moss over time. For a look at various moss products from the company, take a look at

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