New Trailing Vinca Series from Goldsmith Seeds

Cora Cascade is a new trailing vinca series from Goldsmith Seeds, a Syngenta company and one that is dedicated to the innovative breeding of plant material.

Every vinca is covered with beautiful, vivid flowers with no bald spots. These gorgeous blooms are available in five colors, Cherry, Lilac, Magenta, Peach Blush, Polka Dot, and a mix.

The Cora Cascade Series is not only heat and humidity-tolerant, but it has been tested and trialed to perform with a high level of reliability, making the plants an excellent choice for large beds, landscapes and hanging baskets. Also, Cora Cascade offers patented resistance to aerial Phytophthora.

These beautiful yet tough plants are a must-have for any gardener who wants to enjoy bountiful blooms all season long. We hope members of the media, bloggers and garden writers share these varieties with their readers. They are certainly worthy and will catch the attention of home gardeners everywhere.

The company’s motto is “Quality Products through Creative Research.” We have enjoyed seeing Goldsmith Seeds’ solid breeding goals and outcomes in many cases as well as the support the company and its personnel provide to the industry.

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