A Few Design / Decorating Tips on Color:

The use of color in interior and exterior design and decorating should demonstrate order and harmony. When the elements are unbalanced they radiate chaos, leaving an unfavorable impression.

Red – Whether positive or negative, the color red is an attention grabber. The use of red should be used sparingly in the home. It is a vibrant, powerful color. Accents are an essential aspect of interior design, the color red possesses the illusion of depth as it seems to spring these items forward.

Brown – Often paired with red for a warm, rustic texture, the color brown is frequently associated with the age or richness of the space. However, lighter shades of brown such as tan, beige, and sand offer a clean earthy feel. When used in an interior setting, brown helps other colors appear fuller and brighter, conveying a sense of wholesomeness.

White – White is one of the most widely used colors in interior design and decorating. The use of a white background offers a sharp contrast to other colors, like red curtains amongst white furniture and walls. However, white should be used carefully as it can be seen as cold.

What are some of your design techniques and / or tips regarding the use of color? We would love to hear from professionals from different industries!

~ Adam

Don Eberly

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