Relating Plants to Spa Treatments

You know how it feels when you walk into a spa or nice restaurant, and you are instantly turned into the belle of the ball (or prince, as the case might be)? All the selections are suddenly tailored per your tastes and preferences.

What skin type are you? – “No problem, we’ll find the perfect treatment.” What type of food do you enjoy? – “Oh, might I suggest the perfect wine with your seared tuna?”

I’m like most women … I love to be spoiled. And, if I find a product or retailer that does it particularly well, chances are, I’ll go back – a lot. For example, I have been with my bank for 10 years and my hair stylist for six because they are always reliable. Yet, I have owned three cars from three separate companies and will never buy from any of them again. I simply haven’t been satisfied.

It’s always a pleasant surprise when you find a new product that has both superior customer service and quality. We all know how profitable it is to retain current customers as opposed to constantly searching for new ones, and many businesses have made it their goal to tailor products so consumers do not have to guess whether a product or experience will be positive.

J. Berry Nursery, a professional plant grower based right outside of Dallas, TX, has used this philosophy to directly effect how and what they sell. All plants with a J. Berry Nursery tag have been tested and trialed in specific areas for unique climates. The company only sells its plants in the exact regions for which the plants were grown. In this way, plants from brands such as these are similar to visiting a spa – the experience will be gloriously relaxing because you know you are purchasing something tailored just for you. Seems simple, but it’s so often overlooked.

Here are just a few of J. Berry Nursery’s high-quality plants available to those of you who may be planting a garden in Texas, Louisiana or Oklahoma (enjoy!):

‘Crown Jewel’ Gardenia – Possesses an extremely compact, dwarf, spreading habit and is hardier than most gardenias. Heavy June flowering will cover this plant in soft, fragrant, white, double blossoms that require little to no pruning. It works well in mass, in containers, or as a low accent plant in the garden.

‘Petite Rouge™’ Photinia – ‘Petite

Rouge™’ is the most compact photinia, ideal for small spaces or mass plantings. It is also highly resistant to the leaf spot disease that plagues most other photinia varieties. New growth is vibrant red. This plant is very low maintenance due to its compact growth habit and disease resistance.

‘Déjà Bloom™’ Hydrangea – ‘Déjà Bloom™’ is a compact, re-blooming

hydrangea with dark green leaves. It is a beautiful plant perfect for many uses and applications in the landscape. This hydrangea is the only re-blooming hydrangea with double flowers!

Alright, all this talk has made me want to garden… and get a pedicure.

~ Leslie

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