Dan Heims Speaks to the Masses!

Alright all you Dan Heims fans, there are plenty of opportunities to see him speaking on all things plant-nerd, er, horticulture in the upcoming months!

Upcoming Events this Spring:

The Summit County Master Gardeners of Ohio presents: “Containers and Small-space Gardening” and “Flash and Splash” from Dan Heims on January 24 & 25. For more details on attending, click HERE.

  • “Containers and Small-space Gardening” synopsis: Dan’s trips around the world have exposed him to an amazing array of wild containers planted with the most unusual plants. Dan will cover these as well as a wide assortment of unusual plant materials that give new life to containers. (Heads-up! He will provide some great tips on how to design containers and small garden spaces as well as helpful information on maintaining soil fertility and plant health for ultimate success.)
  • “Flash and Splash” synopsis: One of the most comprehensive slide presentations of variegated and colored-leaved plants in the world, including surprises from New Zealand, Japan, and Europe. Topics include: How variegated plants are discovered, chimera vs. virus, and classification of variegation. How to use color in design, featuring color echoes, repetition, contrast, and harmony.

Yard, Garden, and Patio Show presents: “New Perennials from Around the World” by Dan Heims on February 27. This show is open to everyone! So, if you’re in the area (or have always wanted that lovely trip to Portland, Ore.), visit HERE for details on tickets, times, etc.

  • “New Perennials from Around the World” synopsis: Ever wonder how new plants are found? Well, Dan will be sharing his whirlwind tour of ten horticultural countries (Japan, China, Germany, Tasmania, Australia, US, Holland, England, Ireland & New Zealand) and how he found his fellow brethren in each country and the plants they love. His focus will be on hardy perennials but exceptional “temperennials” will also be shown. In his most popular presentation, he will also provide tips on how to get plants into the U.S. legally.

Not available to attend? No problem! Details coming soon on additional talks by Dan Heims including the American Begonia Society Convention in West Palm Beach, FL, in April, and the De Vine Visions weekend event in Victoria, BC, in June.

For more information on Dan and his available talks, visit the Terra Nova Nurseries Web site HERE!

And, for those of you interested in an interview with Dan for an upcoming article or radio segment, feel free to contact me at

~ Leslie

Don Eberly

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