Marketing in Horticulture used to mean merely producing sales catalogs or broadcast-faxing lists of product availability. The field was once also considered to include basic plant and tree production alone. Present times and conditions have resulted in a change in how the world views Horticulture as an industry and its position in terms of integrated marketing.  

In a broader sense, Horticulture has become synonymous with a combination of diverse plant material and many interconnected products, services and enterprises- all of which serendipitously function to make up the trade. Production, breeding, growing, licensing, business management, wholesale, distribution, retailer support, and, by all means, strategic marketing are all central aspects of success.

Indispensable market segments for growers include primary and secondary customers from independent garden center owners and mass merchant inventory buyers to landscape designers / contractors and municipality leaders. Add peer-growers to this list for those specializing in breeding, plugs, cuttings and liners. For the industry’s equipment, structure, controls, and amendment manufacturers, marketing outreach comprises traversing customers’ operations from massive tree farms and greenhouse facilities to individual and chain store retailers.

Getting ample face time with these multifarious customers is almost impossible given travel costs and busy schedules. Thus, Eberly & Collard Public Relations develops Business-to-Business campaigns for clients to communicate product and brand information to their customers exactly where they are consuming their news and researching their purchases- be it trade magazines, association newsletters, industry blogs, social media, online forums, digital content, and at tradeshows or plant trials.

For our clients with the objective of launching and branding plants or horticulture products to consumers, we manage a series of Business-to-Consumer publicity programs that place products in the public spotlight and offer distinctive marketing support to the retailers who sell our clients’ products.

Industry Sectors:

  • Benches & Shelving
  • Breeding & Tissue Culture Operations
  • Containers / Pots / Flats
  • Edibles / Produce
  • Disease, Pest & Plant Growth Management
  • Fertilizers, Soil & Amendments
  • Florists Supplies, Wreaths & Bouquets
  • Greenhouse Growers & Nursery Growers
  • Greenhouse Environmental Systems & Structure Design-Build
  • Green Roof & Living Wall Products / Design-Build
  • Garden Center Retailers
  • Horticultural Products & Interiorscapers
  • Labeling, Tags & Signage
  • Liners, Plugs, Seed Supplies & Bulbs
  • Perennials, Annuals, Woody Ornamentals & Trees
  • Plant Introduction Companies
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