Case Study: Terra Nova

To research, create, generate, and manage a robust, business-to-business and business-to-consumer integrated marketing plan that helps achieve brand-building goals from year to year. In addition, annual marketing plans and their execution must focus upon a multinational approach to promoting and publicizing more than 1,000 products that addresses similarities and differences of buyers and customers around the world.

How we got there:

Eberly & Collard Public Relations has conceptualized and implemented brand standards, marketing campaigns and international media relations for Terra Nova during the last 13 years. Working closely with the company’s sales / marketing staff and worldwide distributors, trade and consumer public and media relations programs are managed by Eberly & Collard Public Relations, leading to enhanced brand awareness across 4 continents.

The Eberly & Collard Public Relations team builds and oversees an international publicity-oriented integrated marketing program annually for Terra Nova. The account team plans each publicity-based marketing program carefully and methodically, focused upon the ongoing requirement to promote the company’s high-tech ability to produce global horticulture genetics. Concentrating key messaging and communications campaigns, which educate international decision makers and customers of our client, are purposefully top of mind for, and at the core of, each campaign.

Strategic campaigns position the company’s scientific breeding team members as expert thought-leaders to reach and engage with both business-to-business and business-to-clientele target audiences around the globe.

Strategies and creative for transnational marketing are conceptualized weekly and monthly; examined and re-examined for brand worthiness; and mindfully executed based upon promoting predetermined areas of expertise offered by Terra Nova to the worldwide horticulture and plant genetics marketplace.

This includes a core emphasis upon media relations, with aspects of digital marketing, public relations, event planning, advertising, and numerous other forms of influencer marketing to generate interest and sales from the United States and Canada to Germany, Netherlands and Asia, among other countries and multiple continents.

Notable Coverage

The Results:

Campaigns result on average with more than 250 trade press placements and more than 650 consumer press placements a year. Eberly & Collard Public Relations attains 50+ byline feature articles annually to promote / publicize hundreds of new varieties and genetic breeding break-throughs, in addition to the aforesaid customary press placements.

The team conceptualized in new plant, series and collection launch campaigns throughout North American, Europe and Asia in sync with overall brand standards, which helped lead to the client attaining earlier season product orders from customers and new forms of media attention than in prior years.

Also accomplished during the last several years has been advertising with key messaging sound bites to address international ad placements, including increased ad impressions unified with lower ad costs year over year for 10 consecutive years. Our firm’s creative team developed a tactical, annual ad schedule and concepts for signage, tradeshows, catalogs, print ads, digital ads, product profiles, and other collateral, while overseeing ongoing interaction to unify firm-to-client planning and execution. This streamlined creative planning for the graphic design function and the multi-location marketing and leadership management team.

Components of the overall strategy include securing an increasing number of annual radio and television promos and publicity to market plants and personnel as experts. Eberly & Collard Public Relations scored the opportunity for Terra Nova’s president to be a repeat guest, as a thought-leader and topic expert, on the Martha Stewart Show. Feature stories were also garnered to publicize the brand and products in publications such as The New York Times, Forbes, Better Homes & Gardens, Sunset Magazine, The Washington Post, USA Today, FloraCulture International, and literally thousands of other media outlets.

This is supplemented with video creation and production, media tours, press conferences, and event planning co-management with our client for plant trials, some of the world’s largest tradeshows, and special events, involving all elements from marketing concepts, collateral and co-hosting to promotions, publicity and press- yielding consistent, growth attendance and media coverage.

Custom marketing programs to reach and engage Terra Nova’s global customer base have provided for highly competitive evolutions of the client’s owned, earned and paid media, leaving no stone unturned for achieving critical impressions and brand equity.