Kitchen & Bath

Dealers, distributors, suppliers, designers, and retailers specializing in the Kitchen and Bath Industry share a number of notable commonalities. Prevalently, they share the need to grow their businesses in an era when residential and commercial construction, remodeling and installation projects are not as fluid as they were at one time. Looking at the flipside, new enthusiasm and positive stats exhibit a burgeoning resurgence in design-build and renovation projects. This optimistic change is leading to a new age of growth and resilience in the Kitchen and Bath Industry.

Regardless, whether prosperity reigns or downturns in the economy yield new challenges, effective kitchen and bath professionals recognize the need for proactive marketing plans – ones that not only help generate brand awareness for products or services, but also give rise to long-term revenue through abiding customer or client relationships. Our team at Eberly & Collard Public Relations is highly skilled at conceptualizing and implementing creative marketing programs to introduce interior designers, architects, builders, contractors, consumers, and others to our clients’ businesses and brands.

This multifaceted approach to marketing strategy often includes public relations events to increase showroom traffic; national and international media tours which present product information to key editors, publishers and television producers; press release and article campaigns that secure exponentially increasing levels of media coverage in significant trade and consumer publications; and groundbreaking advertising strategies that align branding objectives with sales goals.

Industry Sectors:

  • Kitchen & Bath Product Showrooms Open to the Trade
  • Kitchen & Bath Retailers Open to the Public
  • Hardware, Faucets & Fitting Manufactures
  • Tile, Trim & Flooring Manufacturers
  • Tub & Shower Enclosure Manufacturers
  • Sink, Toilet & Bidet Manufacturers
  • Appliance, Cabinetry & Counter Manufacturers
  • Specialty Kitchen & Bath Product Manufacturers
  • Kitchen & Bath Designers / Architects
  • Kitchen & Bath Remodelers / Contractors
  • Furniture & Lighting Companies with Kitchen & Bath Divisions
  • Members & Allied Members of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA)   
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