Contemporary food production and the near-countless involved disciplines, sectors and activities encompass an extensive and blended fusion of agriculture and business. The foundation of food science and production is continually being laid by dedicated family-owned produce farms as well as many large and impressive growing operations. Notwithstanding, a notable, complex network of businesses participate in the process of farming and food production, packaging, distribution, retail, and catering. In addition, there are many industry-focused businesses and organizations that provide support services such as financial, accounting, insurance, education, and marketing. This extraordinary collective works collaboratively to provide food energy and nutrition to persons across the globe.

Yet, it is known that consumers continue to become alarmingly removed from food production and have little knowledge regarding the copious steps and processes that make food items available to them. For this reason, re-energized methods of marketing such as publicity, public relations, media relations, advertising, social media, and branding are indispensable vehicles for communicating food-related information to the masses.

In addition to consumer branding, some businesses specializing in the agribusiness industry often have the need to market products and services to other trade professionals – growers marketing to retailers, shipping companies marketing to growers, packaging and distribution operations marketing to food production businesses, grocery retailers and others. 

Eberly & Collard Public Relations develops Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer campaigns for clients to communicate product and brand information to their specific customers. For the trade, this involves articles published about clients in trusted trade magazines, secured speaking engagements at key industry events, and management of tradeshow publicity. Our consumer-oriented services entail a series of integrated marketing programs that put our many clients’ products in the public spotlight, such as consumer online forums, social networking channels, and branded content that influences the consumer marketplace through published magazines and newspapers.

Industry Sectors:

  • General Food & Produce Growers
  • Manufacturers of Prepared Food Products
  • Warehousing, Transportation & Logistics Businesses
  • Packaging & Distribution Businesses
  • Seed & Agrichemical Producers
  • Animal Feed Producers & Grain Processers
  • Farm Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers  
  • Fertilizer & Amendment Manufacturers
  • Marketing-based Associations Launching Products or Addressing Public Opinion
  • Educational Institutions with Agribusiness Academics or Vocations
  • Research, Development & Testing Organizations
  • Agricultural Construction Companies
  • Biofuel Engineers & Manufacturers
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