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Silver Vase, Inc. Announces Sustainable IPM Practices

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Silver Vase Inc. Announces Clean & Green Integrated Pest Management Program

Grower of Premium Bromeliads and Orchids Addresses Sustainability Needs of Customers With Minimal Pesticide Use and Beneficial Species.

April 28, 2009 – Homestead, Fla. – Silver Vase Inc., a leading grower of orchids and bromeliads, officially announced today its Clean & Green Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program. Silver Vase, Inc. management created the program to address customer and end-user need for chemical residue-free and sustainable plant material. The announcement was made to share valuable information about the program and its related benefits to customers of the company which include independent garden centers, mass merchants, florists, floral designers, landscapers, and interiorscapers.

Silver Vase, Inc.’s IPM program was developed a decade ago to deliver fresh, healthy and “green” products for wholesale customers looking to sell live goods that satisfy consumers’ trend-based demand for sustainable merchandise. Objectives of the program also included ensuring a clean environment for the company’s employees and customers. Today’s trend-based market interests related to clean and green growing practices led to the company’s decision to widely communicate the program in 2009.

Instead of depending primarily on pesticides like many other bromeliad and orchid growers, Silver Vase, Inc.’s IPM program uses information about pests’ life cycles to control them, with fewer hazards to people and the surroundings. IPM staff carefully limit the use of pesticides on plants and rely on the clean environment in the greenhouses to produce untainted products. Beneficial insect species are incorporated at strategic and timed intervals to control unwanted pest infestations. These practices guarantee delivery of residue-free plants to the consumer, removing pesticide dangers in the home.

“As a leader in IPM technological advancements through the years, Silver Vase, Inc. is intimately familiar with the importance of an integrated pest management program,” said Marcella Lucio, director of marketing for Silver Vase, Inc. “With our advanced IPM program and vision for continually enhancing sustainability for our customers, we have seen new interest from retailers and landscapers facing the challenges related to being green.”

Components of Silver Vase, Inc.’s IPM program include the following measures:

Unlike many specimens imported from other countries, these young orchids from Holland are naturally strong and disease resistant. Their premium origin combined with the IPM program measures equate to quality products that are clean and safe for home usage.

“Ongoing chemical spraying is how the average greenhouse controls pests and keeps plants protected,” said Lucio. “Many growers spray on average every two to three weeks. Given Silver Vase, Inc.’s IPM measures, we only spray crops an average of one to two times in an entire year.”

Additionally, plants are provided to retailers with laminated cards that state, “We Grow Clean and Green with Integrated Pest Management” and promote the product as pesticide residue free. Recently, retailers in higher numbers have told Lucio they prefer using these tags, since their mark of sustainability offers consumers the information they seek regarding safe products for gift-giving and the home.

More about Silver Vase, Inc.

Silver Vase Inc. is a privately owned, Florida-based corporation in the wholesale greenhouse industry with distribution across North America. Silver Vase, Inc. specializes in florist-quality, blooming and double-spiked Phalaenopsis orchids and 11 unique varieties of bromeliads that are available 52 weeks a year. The company has been in operation since 1988, and its principals and employee team members have extensive years of experience in the ornamental horticulture industry. Silver Vase, Inc. is the exclusive United States supplier of diverse European orchid varieties ranging in unique colors.

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