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Garden Splendor Announces New Showcase Plants for 2010

Press Release - For Immediate Release

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Garden Splendor® Unveils New Showcase Plants for 2010
Overdevest Nurseries Continues a Tradition of Excellence by Identifying Ten New Plants for Garden Splendor®’s Premium Showcase Line of Plants in 2010.
BRIDGETON, N.J. January 20, 2009 – The Garden Splendor® brand by Overdevest Nurseries announced today 10 new 2010 Showcase selections from the company’s premium plant collection of more than 500 varieties of perennials, ornamental grasses, patio plants, shrubs and vines.
This will be the seventh year that Garden Splendor has offered the Showcase line, and independent garden centers appreciate the consistency and branding of the high-quality product. Willow Run Home & Garden Showplace, an independent garden center based in Cresskill, NJ, has carried the Showcase line for four years and has found customers recognize and anticipate the Showcase line for its quality and value each spring.
“Carrying a co-branded (plant and garden center brands combined) plant line of the highest quality benefits us as a good reflection on our company with our consumers,” says Glenn Pendergast, owner of Willow Run Home & Garden Showplace. With co-branding options available, the managers of the Garden Splendor brand work closely with independent garden centers to maximize the sales and marketing opportunities the line provides its customers. This can include branded and co-branded labeling and local marketing efforts through public relations and advertising.
The 2010 Garden Splendor Showcase line will be available to homeowners at participating independent garden centers in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions beginning spring 2010. The plant material is chosen each year through extensive research and rigorous on-site evaluations for quality, innovation and reliability. Showcase growers also work closely with garden centers to specifically time plant shipments for optimum planting seasons in various cities and states, so plant material is displayed fresh and at peak interest the week it is projected to sell best.
“Plants tailored for Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic landscapes can sometimes be hard to come by,” explains Ed Overdevest, president and founder of the Garden Splendor brand and Overdevest Nurseries. “This is why we are sure to select superior varieties that meet upcoming trends, regional climate conditions, and our garden centers’ most prominent demands for the year.”
The new Garden Splendor® Showcase Plants for 2010 include the following:

Garden Splendor Showcase plant selections are grown to exacting standards and encompass the best of the ‘tried and true’ as well as the most promising of the ‘exciting and new’,” says Overdevest. To be included in the Garden Splendor collection, each plant must have a proven trial record of performance under various garden conditions.
Garden Splendor Showcase varieties are sold with the exclusive Remember Me® marker, a signature anodized aluminum tag embossed and printed with the botanical and common names of the respective varieties to serve as permanent identifying labels in the garden.
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