Case Study: Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Working with the management of the Architectural Digest Home Design Show to augment brand awareness for the mammoth event, its schedule and activities, all with a core focus upon hundreds of participating building, lighting, furniture, and kitchen / bath product manufacturers, Eberly & Collard Public Relations produced strategies and content that led to brand new forms of publicity and advanced consumer enthusiasm for the event and its exhibitors, speakers and sponsors.

We developed an innovative, primary concept to concentrate promotional and publicity campaign efforts upon consumer product marketing for key lighting companies, product designers, and all manner of furniture, tile, architectural hardware, kitchen cabinetry, decorative accessories, art, and kitchen and bath product manufacturers. The collaboration involved carefully aligned objectives via participating publications such as The New York Times and Architectural Digest Magazine.

How we got there:

Eberly & Collard Public Relations’ team conducted market research and strategic planning with the show’s director. We determined the fact former marketing efforts had focused upon the “big picture,” leaving numerous stones unturned whereas individual brand’s specific product marketing had been concerned.

Our creative publicists conceptualized and executed a creative “Sneak Peek” public / media relations campaign and feature article series to announce and generate interest for the event and many of its key exhibitors and sponsors, inducing advanced exposure for manufactures’ premiere products.

We highlighted individual product manufacturers’ businesses, products, and, as applicable, design services, including a range of published editorial, blogs, social media, and other influential content. This yielded the event’s first-ever “Sneak Peek” product features PR campaign. As a result, we stimulated more distinct and specific product attention, through individual product features, than during the event’s prior years.

Notable Brands

The Results:

Drawing upon Eberly & Collard Public Relations’ years of providing public and media relations services to consumer products clients, we were able to coach the event’s participating brands how to shed light upon one or more of their top consumer products, coupled with overarching branding prior to, during and following the event.

A strategic collection and schedule of press campaigns produced bylined pre-show “Sneak Peaks” of select products slated for exhibition, participating speakers and panelists, and information regarding the event’s key philanthropic cause, DIFFA.

Creating consumer product marketing and brand cognizance among affluent audiences throughout the United States and countries around the globe was only part of how we achieved

a score of 100 percent in terms of complete satisfaction among the product companies that fully participated, by way of post-campaign survey questions.

A secondary effort we put into place was reaching designers, developers, architects and other business-to-business targets who had either previously, or, in some cases, never attended the event. We accomplished this through submitting our written product features to all of the trade media outlets’ editors for their publication considerations and any chosen editorials.

Eberly & Collard Public Relations oriented the “Sneak Peek” program series upon the event’s advertisements, collateral and key message points, with the related content and copy planned and placed through tactical online forums, digital websites, and relevant promotions.

Based upon a pre- and post-event “top products” contest in which event participants, sponsors, attendees, and members of the media were able to vote for their “Sneak Peek” of choice, we helped the branded companies attain a realized goal of increasing the event’s and exhibitors’ share of voice for marketing purposes. Not only that, all product manufacturers who partook in the “Sneak Peek” PR program benefitted from search engine optimized hyperlinks, stemming from the digital media placements we secured.

Our campaigns evoked product and brand awareness that led to improved booth foot traffic on average by 67 percent for the featured product brands. Better yet, most of the companies with which we worked told us they benefitted from accelerated sales orders from qualified design-based and specifier professionals as well as from consumers who were seeking luxury products for their homes.

Select companies with which we worked: Sony, Miele, TRUE Professional Appliances, Ethan Allen, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, SA Baxter Architectural Hardware, Linge Roset New York, Ligne Roset Miami, Maple Ridge Custom Cabinetry, Jenn-Air, XO Kitchen Systems, Sun Valley Bronze Faucet Company, Grothouse Cabinetry & Walnut Sinks, Heritage Metalworks Lighting, and many others.