Construction & Development

Designing, building and developing mid- and high-rise towers, houses, hotels, stadiums, bridges, parks, public spaces, roads, and a multitude of other edifices involves a detailed process of collaboration that leads to infrastructure. From project and construction managers to design and civil or construction engineers as well as product manufactures and real estate professionals specializing in the field, the design-build and marketing of places and structures is no small feat. It is accomplished only by multi-tasking across various teams of colleagues and vendors to allow for on-time, move-in-ready delivery to residential and commercial clients.  

The “team approach” to design-build and development should also involve marketing and public relations specialists who understand and work within the field. At Eberly & Collard Public Relations, our team has specialized in generating brand exposure for building / construction companies for more than a decade. Campaigns often include Associated Press-ready “before / after” project case-studies, new building-product launches, company or corporate entity press releases, trends articles quoting and positioning clients as experts, and published or televised content featuring clients’ knowledge and capabilities – all of which can lead to new contracts and sales for the building or manufacturing professionals involved.

Industry Sectors:

  • Residential Home Builders
  • Residential Remodeling Firms
  • Commercial Builders
  • Commercial Contractors
  • Interior Contractors
  • Architectural Products
  • Products Specified by Builders & Engineers
  • Project Management Firms
  • Engineered & Manufactured Products
  • Equipment & Machinery
  • Development & Real Estate Companies
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