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Terra Nova Nurseries Announces Breeding Breakthroughs, New Collections

Press Release – For Immediate Release

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Terra Nova Nurseries Unveils Breakthrough New Plants and Collections for 2010
Terra Nova Nurseries announces industry breakthroughs in breeding with new and improved 2010 introductions as well as five new specialized genera collections.
Canby, Ore. – July 12, 2009 – Terra Nova Nurseries, a world leader in plant breeding technology, has announced 54 new plant introductions for 2010 and five specialized collections that set new industry standards in coreopsis, tiarella, helleborus, heuchera and agastache.
“In today’s market, it is not just about the word ‘new’ written on the label,” says Dan Heims, co-founder and president of Terra Nova Nurseries. “Wholesalers, re-wholesalers, retailers, and landscape professionals are all looking for plants that offer the complete package. They want plants that offer novelty, are easy to grow, and provide value for both the grower and the consumer. Anything less will not hold up to their expectations.”
In order to satisfy customer needs, Terra Nova Nurseries has selected plants for 2010 that offer unique, superior improvements over past cultivars. Extended bloom time, disease resistance, exclusive color and form, unique application abilities, and higher tolerance to extreme conditions are key plant traits of these and other Terra Nova Nurseries new introductions.
A few noteworthy introductions include Ajuga ‘Sparkler’, the most vigorous and variegated ajuga ever offered in Terra Nova Nurseries’ extensive collection; Heuchera ‘Electra’, a new unrivaled heuchera being introduced this year with shocking, blood-red veins that last all year on electric golden leaves; Leucanthemum ‘Paladin’, a unique, ultra-vigorous Shasta Daisy with three rows of ruffled petals on stiff, upright stems and no disagreeable odor; Echinacea ‘Flame Thrower’, an incredibly long-lasting, early- and re-blooming echinacea with two-tone orange and yellow flowers that do not fade; and Pulmonaria ‘Silver Bouquet’, a deer-resistant hybrid with spectacular silver foliage all year and the first breakthrough pulmonaria with no delay between flowering and foliage, so the plant has beautiful interest from start to finish.
“Terra Nova Nurseries has been known for introducing high-interest varieties to the global market for over 15 years,” explains Ken Brown, co-founder of Terra Nova Nurseries. “However, 2010 marks a benchmark year for the brand as it reaches several target goals focused on providing grower solutions with our breeding of coreopsis, tiarella, helleborus, heuchera, agastache, and others.”
Terra Nova Nurseries has categorized five new special collections in a newly published 2010 catalog to make purchasing decisions easier. They include Summer Agastache, Punch Coreopsis, Winter Jewels™ Helleborus, Southern Landscape Heuchera, and Trailing Tiarella. Each collection epitomizes unique attributes that have been trialed, tested and perfected for the genera. 

The new plant collections from Terra Nova Nurseries in 2010 will include the following:
Summer Agastache Collection – A new series of five agastache varieties bred with the longest lasting flowers in the industry, as evidenced by trials. Terra Nova Nurseries bred the plants in an exclusive color palette with calyces that do not brown like most agastache varieties. Therefore, blooms boast healthier, extended color all season long. Members of this collection are more weather resistant and grow with a bountiful, compact habit of 20-inch-high flower spikes. This collection has also shown to be cold-hardy to Zones 7 when planted in well-drained conditions.
Punch Coreopsis Collection – A new series of annual coreopsis available in an array of brilliant colors. The coreopsis plants in this series have an unusually high flower count from May to frost and are perfect alternatives to the traditional mum market. The plants are easy and low-cost to grow, and offer superior, consistent compact growth habits. They are self-cleaning and will re-bloom continuously all summer with little care and attention.
Winter Jewels™ Helleborus Collection – A new series of 10 extremely large, double hellebores that grow in a variety of rare forms. The strains are available in an exclusive range of individual colors rather than mixes, offering wholesalers, retailers and landscapers more color blocking options over previous hellebore selections. Winter Jewels™ Helleborus are available as 30-cell jumbo plugs to ensure added growth potential and, eventually, higher levels of shade landscape application success.
Southern Landscape Heucheras – A new series of five heuchera varieties that tolerate extreme heat and humidity due to Heuchera villosa breeding. From the very beginning, the Terra Nova Nurseries production team has taken great interest in introducing heucheras that break the mold of tradition. This series provides landscapes in the South with large, colorful foliage options, providing four seasons of interest.
Trailing Tiarella Collection – A new series of tiarella that offers vigorous growth, novel leaf shapes and attractive, high-contrast leaf patterns. These tiarellas are extremely drought-tolerant and can blanket dry, shady areas with newfound interest. Their trailing habits make them highly unique and perfect additions for containers, hanging baskets and landscapes. 
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