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ShadeFX Canopies and Walpole Woodworkers Announce Shade Pergolas

Press Release – For Immediate Release

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Walpole Woodworkers and ShadeFX Canopies Introduce Shade Pergolas
Outdoor Room Innovators Walpole Woodworkers and ShadeFX Canopies Establish Partnership to Launch Shade Pergolas to Trade and Consumer Marketplaces.
Walpole, MA / Toronto, ON – February 11, 2010 – Walpole Woodworkers, a renowned woodworking / home product company and the largest fabricator of cellular vinyl in the U.S., and ShadeFX Canopies, manufacturer of the monorail drive pergola canopy system, announced this month a strategic partnership to launch Shade Pergolas, a versatile alternative to common retractable awnings. The product line was created to provide for the moderating comforts of sun and shade as well as protection from rain in outdoor rooms and seating areas.
Shade Pergolas combine high-quality, handcrafted pergola structures with exclusive retractable and integrated canopy systems that provide functional architectural style to outdoor living areas. Shade Pergolas are designed for use at residential landscapes, decks and patios, commercial properties, assisted living facilities, outdoor cafes and restaurants, seating areas at marinas and golf courses, and most any outdoor space where the choice of sun or shade is desired.
“Shade Pergolas are the perfect complement to a home or commercial property’s architecture,” says Louis Maglio, president of Walpole Woodworkers. “With their height, depth and width, Shade Pergolas bring dimension and substance to an outdoor space.”
Shade Pergolas address the call for extended outdoor living. Walpole Woodworkers and ShadeFX Canopies created Shade Pergolas based upon the growing trend of outdoor rooms and to provide customers an advanced level of flexibility. “Shade Pergolas can be used to cover large areas up to 600 square-feet. Typical retractable awnings extend only 13 feet,” says Steve Ostrowski, president of ShadeFX Canopies. “Shade pergolas offer the combined benefits of structural beauty and defined space provided by pergolas, and functional protection from the elements for which awnings are known.”   
The monorail drive pergola canopy system developed by ShadeFX Canopies eliminates the problems of attaching linear track systems to structures prone to shifting or moving over time. The company’s monorail drive design is patent pending worldwide.
Shade Pergolas offer homeowners the ability to create outdoor sanctuaries that are covered from rain, protected from sun, and impervious against wind. They can be affixed directly to a house, garage or other building, or installed as free-standing structures supported by robust columns that are elegant in appearance. Since the canopies are retractable, homeowners can switch from sun to shade at their leisure. The cellular vinyl pergolas are low-to-no maintenance and last more than 25 years. The canopies are durable and will deliver 10 to 15 years of use.
“Shade Pergolas make the investment in outdoor living a justifiable value because they truly expand living space and lifestyle options,” says Ostrowski. “Now, rather than going inside when the sun is too hot or rain begins to fall, Shade Pergola owners can continue to enjoy the comfort and convenience of outdoor living.”
Shade Pergolas are available with standard options or as customized designs, including the following:
Standard Options:
Custom Options:
Rope drive canopies are available for structures up to 170 square-feet. For larger Shade Pergolas, motor drives are recommended, and canopies over 200 square-feet require motor drives. Shade Pergola designers can measure spaces intended for installation and help customize plans for customers.
Homeowners and commercial property owners may purchase Shade Pergolas via the company Web site. For standard Shade Pergolas, clients can expect shipment within seven to 10 days, while custom designs may take from three to six weeks. 
To learn more about Shade Pergolas and the joint venture between Walpole Woodworkers and ShadeFX Canopies, please visit the newly designed Web site at
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